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Why Worry Wednesday?

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

The new, more contageous strain of corona is in the US and McConnel killed the additional stimulus but why should that bother the markets?  The good news is, with most of the country back on lockdown, we "only" had 201,106 new cases yesterday and "only" 3,628 Americans died yesterday – which was 9% better than Monday so YAY!!!, I guess….

Here's a fun fact, there are only 924,107 "staffed" hospital beds in the US – ones where the patient can be monitored.  Only 20% of them have the potential to have ventilators – even after US having 9 months to get ready.  124,686 Americans were hospitalized YESTERDAY – most of them cycle out within a day or two but every time one lingers on, it diminishes our total capacity to care for the rest.  

The US ranks 32nd in hospital beds per capita, right behind Turkey but better than Columbia so YAY!!! again, I guess.  Remember what China did when Covid started – they built two giant hospitals just for Covid cases on just a few weeks and that country only had 90,000 cases – TOTAL.  The US will ring in the New Year with 20M cases and not one wing has been added to any hospital – no Government effort at all has been made to make sure we are prepared, leaving us no choice but to go back on lockdown.





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